ARTsilo of Kristiansand


SILO-photo projects by Oddvar Paulsen

During the last ten years Oddvar Paulsen has been studying through photography both outside and inside the massive building of the old grain silo. Here you will find two project presented.

The award-winning grain silo is from 1934, designed by architects Arne Korsmo and Sverre Aasland. The silo received the prestigious Houens Fonds Pris for good architecture in 1939 and is considered one of the finest examples of functionalist architecture in Norway. It is not by chance that Kunstsilo is located here.

A new power centre for arts and culture

Covering three floors and comprising an exhibition area of 3300 square metres, Kunstsilo will be an iconic and unifying building whose architecture and contents will attract attention far beyond Norwegian shores. Grand opening will be May 11 2024.

The iconic building will house spectacular art exhibitions, an imposing mingling hall, a restaurant, café and shop, and a marvellous top floor.

With its unique premises and location, the centre will house the Tangen Collection – the world’s largest collection of Nordic modernist art – as well as Sørlandets Kunstmuseum’s permanent collection. In addition, Kunstsilo will act as a platform for international digital contemporary art and offer an extensive programme of temporary exhibitions as well as lectures, concerts, workshops, entertaining rooms and events.

There will be room for art and cultural experiences that engage, surprise and delight. It will be playful and open; but there will also be room for silence and contemplation, so people can put away their mobile phones and just be present in the moment.   

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